Dash (DASH) Completes Its Block Reward “Halving”

Dash (DASH) Completes Its Block Reward "Halving"

DASH, a payments-focused peer-to-peer cryptocurrency forked out of the Bitcoin source code, has just completed its halving on June 22, 2023. Get more information about Dashing mining with Antminer D7 >

  • Block height 1,892,161 saw the reduction of the dash block.
  • Dash’s reward is decreased by 7.14% every 210,240 blocks, as opposed to Bitcoin’s halving’s 50% reduction in block rewards.
  • The reward is 2.3097 DASH right now, and in July 2024 it will decrease once more.

After being cut in half at block height 1,892,161, the block reward on the Dash (DASH) blockchain network has decreased.

DASH block reward reduction occurs roughly every 365 days due to the network’s 2.5 minute block time. The countdown to the next halving is estimated to occur in the first week of Block rewards are scheduled to drop from 2.3097 DASH to 2.1448 DASH starting in July 2024.

What is Dash Halving?

Dash (DASH) Completes Its Block Reward "Halving"

In some cryptocurrencies, halving refers to a predetermined event where mining rewards are periodically cut in half. As a result, the rate at which new coins are produced declines, which may have an effect on the overall supply, market dynamics, and price of the cryptocurrency. Litecoin (LTC), which has 40 days remaining, and Bitcoin (BTC), which has 308 days remaining, are the following cryptocurrencies whose value will be halved.

The block reward in Dash is similar to that in Bitcoin. The block reward is halved in Bitcoin’s case, but with Dash’s case, the block reward is only reduced by 7.14% every 210240 blocks. Dash blocks last 2.5 minutes, which means that a block reduction takes place on average once every 365 days.

Dash uses smaller decreases more frequently, which is less stressful for users than halvings, which result in a significant and abrupt change. In order to lessen inflation, block rewards are reduced.

Dash Block Reward Distribution

Block reward reduction affects the amount of money that miners receive for using their computing power to process transactions and secure the network, just like it does in other coins that require mining. Consequently, lowering the reward has an impact on their overall profitability.

For instance, Dash’s latest halving saw mining pool ViaBTC inform

The network’s masternodes, which are essential for its instant transactions (InstantSend) and privacy feature (CoinJoin), share 90% of the block reward with miners, while 10% goes to the DASH Treasury DAO.

Presently, there are 42.3% of miners and 57.7% of masternodes, respectively. The ratio is expected to shift in the masternodes’ favor over time, reaching a 40:60 ratio by May 2025.

DASH “halving” happens approximately 40 days to This year’s Litecoin supply is expected to double in August. After that, Bitcoin’s block halving in April 2024 (the countdown is down to about 308 days) will be the most eagerly awaited block halving event.

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