What is the Impact of Power Outage and Network Disconnection on the Running Antminer D7?


How would a running Antminer D7 be affected by a power outage and a network disconnect? The miner won’t be harmed, right? To find out the answer, read the post.

The Impact of Power Outage

The Antminer D7 need not be turned off if it is not necessary. The miner is made to work for a very long time. Both a power switch and a shutdown button are absent. The power-off approach involves turning the power off.

If you must power off, keep the following two points in mind:

  • Because the miner produces a lot of heat in an area with high humidity, do not turn it off. The circuit will corrode for a considerable amount of time after the miner is turned off because of condensation and moisture caused by the temperature dropping.
  • Avoid turning the main circuit breaker off straight away; instead, turn off each device gradually and in a neat manner. The miner will sustain immediate damage from voltage surges as a result of batch power outages because of its high power.

Network Disconnection

The Antminer D7 will automatically reconnect to the network after being disconnected from it, and after a predetermined number of reconnections, it will shut down to protect itself.

  • After an extended disconnect, the miner will be turned off for security purposes. The miner is currently experiencing a power outage, and it is changing significantly in terms of temperature. The miner is vulnerable to corrosion from condensation if it is in a high-humidity environment. The miner still uses electricity even after the network is cut off because it is unable to mine normally. The power should be immediately turned off when the anticipated disconnect time exceeds 15 minutes.
  • When shutting down a network, you should turn off the power before doing the same for the network.

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