Troubleshooting Antminer D7 Keeps Restarting


The Antminer D7 is a high-performance ASIC miner designed for mining cryptocurrencies such as Siacoin. If you are experiencing issues with your Antminer D7 constantly restarting, it can be frustrating and affect your mining efficiency. In this article, we will provide some troubleshooting steps to help you fix the Antminer D7 restarting issue.


a. The power supply is unstable. The Antminer D7 requires a lot of power to operate, and a weak or faulty power supply could cause your device to restart frequently. Check to make sure that your power supply is providing enough power to the device. You can use a power meter to measure the power output of your power supply.

b. The control board is damaged. The control board is the center of the miner and is equivalent to a microcomputer. When the control board is abnormal, it will also cause the miner to restart. Generally, it can be solved by restoring the miner’s factory settings or flashing the firmware of the control board with an SD card; if the fault still cannot be solved, you can try to replace the Antminer E9 control board.

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c. The chip is unstable. Generally, the fault can be found by querying the miner log. Then, find the faulty hash board, use the test fixture to detect the faulty BM1746 chip, and replace the faulty chip.

d. The network is unstable. Network instability also has a certain probability of causing miners to restart. Generally, you can try to replace the network cable or network cable connector, and then perform a local inspection.

e. Update the firmware: Updating the firmware of your Antminer D7 is also essential. Firmware updates can fix bugs and optimize the performance of the device. Check if there are any firmware updates available for your Antminer D7 and update it if necessary.

f. Check the temperature: Overheating can also cause your Antminer D7 to restart frequently. Check the temperature of the device and make sure it is within the recommended range. Ensure that the device is not running in an environment that is too hot or poorly ventilated.

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g. Reset The Antminer D7

Resetting the Antminer D7 to its default settings can also help fix the restarting issue. To do this, press the reset button on the device for a few seconds, and then release it. The device will restart and return to its default settings.

If none of the above steps work, you may need to contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

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